Hello, I am Flora!

I am a certified life coach through the Life Coach School.

I am a general life coach, which means I coach everyone on everything.

I coach on all topics of life to help my clients have a better life.

I help people of all genders, ages, backgrounds, nationalities, ...

to make their mind a fantastic place to live in.

I have helped more than 50 different people, coaching more than 400 hours of 1:1 coaching.

I can help you too.

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I personally believe very deeply in coaching.

Nothing else matters in life

if you don't have a mind and a body at peace.

Do you want to learn more about coaching?

Get insights and coaching for free:

My 1:1 Offer

I have 1 unique offer.

I work with people from all over the world, in English or in French.

Everything is done remotely.

Come work with me. I can help you.

You will create more of what you actually want for your life.

You will have new lenses to see the world with.

You will have tools to manage your mental and emotional life.

You will know how to really take care of yourself.

You will know how to feel better and manage your mind.

You will be more you.

Your mind will be a fantastic place to live in.

My offer is 4 months of coaching 1:1 tailored to your particular situation.

We see each other every week for a full hour of coaching 1:1 via Zoom.

For each of the 16 sessions, you get a written summary and an audio recording.

You also get:

+ written private coaching via email between sessions,

+ my 30-page Booklet with all the concepts & tools,

+ my "How to Feel Better in 10 minutes" Workbook.

+ Specific resources & material depending on your needs,

+ some surprises along the way!

Total: 1000€


My promise

  • a completely safe and confidential environment,
  • a professional non-judgmental space,
  • tools and concepts that I have used myself and with my clients over and over,
  • profound but entertaining, important but fun conversations,
  • ongoing education from me on equity, diversity and inclusion, as well as depression and suicide prevention.

How to start

The first step of this journey is for you to book a free consultation call.

We will:

(1) assess if coaching suits you.

(2) determine what you want to work on.

(3) decide if we want to work together.

It is free. It is a simple conversation from which you can get instant benefits.

No strings attached.

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I promise you will get

instant benefits

from this conversation!

Plus it is

always very fun!

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If it's a perfect match, I send you your invoice and your Welcome package via email.

And then... we coach!

What My Clients Say

Axel, FR in Argentina

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"Coaching with Flora has given me tools to see the world differently."

"Every day, I help myself with what I have learned: I feel, think and act with a higher level of consciousness."

P., US in Denmark

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"I have a new vision for my life: whatever happens, I now know that I can handle it."

"I have learned how to give myself the things I wanted people to give me."

"I am not fighting with myself anymore."

Mathilde, FR

in the Netherlands

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"It is a time that I take for myself, where I can unravel my own emotional pathways and mental traps thanks to the tools I am learning."

"I wish we were learning this in school, but I am glad that I met Flora to do so."

My Interventions

I work for speaking opportunities (integration pathways, workshops, presentations, seminars,…).

Here are some topics I have supported people with:

  • Management (Time, Leadership, Work-life Balance, Navigating Changes, Facing Challenges)
  • Emotional Health (Overwhelm, Managing Stress & Anxiety, Feeling Better)
  • Empowerment (Confidence, Self-Image, Self-Care, Self-Worth, Self-Talk, Radical Responsibility)
  • Communication (Work & Personal Relationships, Difficult Conversations, Setting Boundaries)
  • Goals (Dealing with Procrastination and Buffering, Changing Behaviors Easily, Stop Overthinking)
  • Mental Health Tools (Clean Awareness, Managing your Mind, Feeling Alive, Overcoming Shame)

I have been working with companies, institutions and International Chambers of Commerce.

I have been working in particular with expatriates networks to help expats navigate their specific challenges and make the most out of their experience, while integrating learning how to deal with cultural differences, homesickness, a new lifestyle, unfamiliar environments, unexpected behaviors, and how to create a solid community, and so on.

Are you interested in building something together for your community, institution or company?

What My Partners Say

French-American Chamber of Commerce in Texas, USA

"We were looking for experts for our STAFE program (Soutien du Tissu Associatif des Français à l'Etranger), called "Empower HER Texas" sponsored by the French government and executed by the FACC Texas in order to support the French women living in Texas."

"Flora created and led a workshop for our program entitled "Empowerment through life coaching", and navigated our group through mental and emotional health tools and exercises."

"We only have positive feedback from our participants on what was taught and discussed."